August Update

Magnuson Off Leash Group

Update: August 2019

Magnuson Off Leash Group is a volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to working with the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department to improve and maintain the off-leash area at Magnuson Park.  The Magnuson off-leash area was started in the late 1990’s.  MOLG (a 501c3) was formed in 2000 to ensure that the needs of the Seattle dog community were met.  In October of 2018, new stewards took the reins of MOLG.

Recent Completed Projects (with the help of work party volunteers and the Seattle Parks Department [SPR])

  • Removed broken willow branches and prune back limbs that hang over path
  • Spread rock to mitigate pooling water puddles (an ongoing project)
  • Replaced wood tops and seats on picnic tables at beach area
  • Repaired ADA path going to the water
  • Replace rotted wood on bench seats [MOLG]
  • Repaint handicap parking areas [SPR]

Upcoming Projects

  • Regrade area so the water that accumulates drains towards the wetland area [MOLG/SPR]
  • Repair lower fencing of wooden/wire fence where needed [MOLG/SPR]
  • New garbage can by fence to off leash area (by port-a-potty by NOAA entrance) [SPR]

Future Projects

  • Repair cement slab by water pump and migrate edge so there is no trip hazard
  • Repair/replace wooden benches by water pump
  • Install Agility equipment in play area where tree stumps are
  • Pour cement footings on shelter pillars to prevent further erosion
  • Repair/replace fences that go into lake on either edge of the beach
  • Install railing on steps up to athletic field
  • Place more rock on the beach

Please consider volunteering with MOLG.  Aside from help at work parties, we need volunteers who have website design and maintenance skills; who have carpentry skills; who can create/maintain a newsletter; help with the kiosk maintenance; and to be on the Board of Directors.  These are by no means the only areas we need volunteers for but it is a great start. 

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